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Yellowstone National Park 2011

Yellowstone National Park 2011

In an effort to better educate myself about Yellowstone and bison, I’ve been reading tons of books. One that I’m currently reading is “To Save the Wild Bison” by Mary Ann Franke. Very interesting read.

Lots of incredible facts. Like, bison have been highly adaptable throughout their evolution on the planet. At the peak of the bison population (approx 2,500 years ago), they numbered in the 10s of millions making them one of the most numerous large mammals that has ever lived on the planet.

Today, around 3,000 bison live in Yellowstone and they are the only remaining wild bison on the planet. They are the descendants of roughly 20 wild bison that remained in Montana and Wyoming territories when Congress passed a wildlife protection act in the late 1800's.

From 10s of millions to 20 to 3,000. Wow.